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About Us

Our People

Compuzerveplus have the talented and motivated professionals that customers need working on their behalf. Everyone at Compuzerveplus is a proud professional who will add value to a customer’s business every step of the way. Our fully qualified engineers are Microsoft Certified, and follow a programme of continuous improvement and training, guaranteeing our customers are always in safe hands

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to work in partnership with organizations to achieve their business goals through the innovative delivery of IT solutions and services. At every stage we look for the opportunity to add value to our clients business, helping to cut costs and increase efficiency. Our work is backed by rigorous processes that ensure reliability, consistency and quality through all our products, services and aftercare. Compuzerveplus always strive to exceed the customers’ expectations

Green IT

At Compuzerveplus we recognise the growing issue of global warming, and the need for all businesses to engage in stronger environmental management. We are working with our key suppliers, and are committed to supporting customers who want alternative Green IT equipment and solutions to contribute to a lower environmental load and energy efficiency savings.


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